Profiling with Scientific Hand Analysis is the quickest and most effective way to determine someone’s personality, their subconscious motivations, and blocks – all that has everything to do with success and influence.



Personal Profiling

If you want to get to know more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, then this is the right choice for you.


Starting at 550€.


Partner Profiling

Get to know yourselves as a couple from a different angle. You will learn which up’s and down’s you may face and how to resolve them as a strong team.



Family Profiling

Learn all about the family dynamics, who does what and why, and experience the full potential your unique constellation of personalities can bring to the table.



Entrepreneurial Profiling

Sometimes you hit roadblocks. Knowing and leveraging your blind spots are the key to your full potential. Let’s chat and the profiling will be an eye-opening experience, as you will receive detailed answers and a plan on what to do next.

Starting at 550€.


Leadership Profiling

It’s time to get the right person for the right pay. But does he/she really fit the job? Scientific Hand Analysis can give you immediate answers and the greatest benefit is, this information cannot be manipulated.



Team Profiling

Why aren’t they performing the way they should? Why does this team have such interpersonal difficulties? A team profiling will lift all the mysteries and give you valuable information to get everyone back on track, gain momentum and most importantly happy again.

Curious about what’s in your hands?

Nadia Redmer is one of the top international scientific hand analysts for entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders to boost their success and increase their influence

For a limited time, Nadia is offering a handful of free mini readings.


In the complimentary session, you will have the chance to get to know one another and can decide if it makes sense to work together.

After signing up, you will receive an email to book your appointment and an upload link for photographs of your hands. You and Nadia will meet in a private online video conference for your free mini hand analysis.

Book the full profiling

In the full profiling, you will get the in-depth information about yourself and what’s really holding you back. But wait, Nadia doesn’t stop there, she is a results-driven person. She will give you specific advice and strategies based on the information in your hands to short-cut your way to more success and influence.



After your order is processed, you will receive a welcome kit by post, containing an inking set to take handprints. Once done, simply scan and send them back to the office and the profiling session can be scheduled.


You will meet online in a private video call to discuss the results of the profiling. A recording will be provided (audio & video).

Your observation skills are par excellent
And the speed at which they’re conducted
staggers the mind a bit

– Anonymous

The information you gave me on stage – WOW. And thank you. I needed to hear just that. You’re amazing!

– Charlie Sheen

I am very impressed about Nadia’s professionality, her empathy and her character. I will highly recommend her as much as I can. Thank You very much Nadia 🙂

– Patricia Buentello-Selmaier

What to do with the information?


The profiling will give you a great overview, exact wording and individual tips.


To really get the gist of the profiling, it is almost obligatory to take the information one step further and pick 3 main areas that are currently holding you back. Results-oriented coaching and high-performance mentoring are usually the best choice, based on your individual needs, business, and lifestyle.