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John Travolta & Nadia Redmer
John Travolta & Nadia Redmer

Clarity – at last


Explore how you can lead your team to their highest potential – matching their personality.


Identify the best team members – matching the position.


Discover a ground-breaking method that will give you tangible information to make the right decisions – matching to your company.

Your skills are excellent. And the speed at which you combine the information is more than stunning.

– Anonym

The information you gave me on stage – WOW. And thank you. I needed to hear just that. You’re amazing!

– Charlie Sheen

Fast and direct observation. Very pleasant and results-oriented. A genius way to bring oneself to the next level.

– Viktor Frasch

Business Profiler & Analyst


Scientific Hand Analysis (Chirology) is the fastest and most effective method to identify a personality such as their subconscious motivations and blocks. No fortune-telling!


Nadia Redmer ist on of the top international scientific hand analysts in personnel-consulting and talent. Entrepreneurs, celebrities and private people let her have a look into their hands.


As a Business Profiler I’m specialised in identifying what one person is “made for”. Then they start bringing peak performance without bruing out.

Thanks to her help I had a huge break-through. Because of her I finally was able to say what I really wanted to do with the services I offer. I finally feel complete and not shattered in pieces. My clients see me stronger than ever.

– Sandra Poloschek

Nadia can tell you your strengths and talents instantly, so you can use this information for success in Business and life. You save years of detours and you become as fast and efficient as a laser.  Success can be so easy. Thank you Nadia!!!

– Anonymous

I am in awe every time how Nadia can pin-point my blocks just by looking at my hands. Within minutes she uncovers why one is standing one’s own way and how you can change that. Additionally she offers very powerful coaching sessions. Nadia is an outstanding hand analyst and brilliant coach.

– Anastasia Lengyel, Beautiful Soul


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