Personality driven success

How entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders can leverage their personality to boost their success and increase their influence.

John Travolta & Nadia Redmer
John Travolta & Nadia Redmer

You may be wondering why you haven’t made the big leap yet or what would be necessary to overcome the obstacles holding you back.


Or maybe you’ve lost your drive. You’ve lost your motivation and happiness. And now you are asking yourself if and how you will ever have the energy  again.


Nadia Redmer a.k.a. Pink Profiler – is one of the top scientific hand analysts for entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders to boost their success and increase their influence.

Your observation skills are par excellent
And the speed at which they’re conducted
staggers the mind a bit

– Anonymous

The information you gave me on stage – WOW. And thank you. I needed to hear just that. You’re amazing!

– Charlie Sheen

I am very impressed about Nadia’s professionality, her empathy and her character. I will highly recommend her as much as I can. Thank You very much Nadia 🙂

– Patricia Buentello-Selmaier

Success Strategies

Scientific hand analysis (chirology) is the quickest and most effective way to determine someone’s personality, their subconscious motivations, and blocks – all that has everything to do with success and influence.

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